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19 Mar 2019 Council

Three former councillors awarded Honorary Alderman status

Three former councillors will be awarded the status of Honorary Alderman at a presentation at Peterborough Town Hall on Wednesday 27 March 2019. John Peach, Keith Sharp and Nazim Khan will each receive the honour from city...

19 Mar 2019 Council

Publication of Notice of Council and Parish Elections

A Notice of Elections was published today, giving details of the wards and parishes up for election at Peterborough City Council on Thursday, 2 May 2019.  In Peterborough voting will take place for the election of...

18 Mar 2019 Council

Recall petition to launch tomorrow

A petition for the Peterborough parliamentary seat of MP Fiona Onasanya will launch in the city tomorrow. The petition will be launched following official notification to petition officer Gillian Beasley earlier this...

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