Fish and chip shop one of first food outlets to win a Healthy Options Award

A fish and chip shop is one of the first to win a Healthy Options Award, a new accreditation given by Peterborough City Council to food outlets which make healthy menu changes.

Fishtastic in Bellona Drive, Cardea, Peterborough, has scooped the award after making menu changes including offering mini portions, grilled fish, side salads, homemade fishcases and tartare sauce and frying chips and fish at a higher temperature so they absorb less oil. 

Matt Bedford, owner and manager of Fishtastic, said: "By making small tweaks to our menu, we have been able to offer a variety of healthy options to our customers, which mean they can still enjoy the great taste of fish and chips, while sticking to a calorie controlled diet, or reducing their fat or salt levels.

"The Healthy Option Award is a great initiative. It's easy for businesses to get involved in and gives customers the option to make healthier choices."

Councillor Irene Walsh, cabinet member for communities, said: "The Healthy Option Award is a chance for local businesses to get involved in the fight to tackle issues, such as obesity and really doing something about it by looking at their menus and making changes which will help their customers to stay healthy for longer."

The Healthy Option Award is free for any business to apply for. Winning businesses get a sticker for their door, a logo for their website and social media channels and their details uploaded to the Healthier Options website.  

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