Landlords are being reminded of new HMO legislation

Landlords are being reminded that new regulations for Houses in Multiple Occupations (HMOs) mean they need a licence for all properties with more than five people and two or more households.

Landlords of HMOs in Peterborough that fall under the new regulations - which came into force on 1 October - must apply for a licence from Peterborough City Council in order to lawfully continue letting the property. The cost of a licence is £750 and the licence lasts for 5 years.   

The initial response from landlords of HMOs in Peterborough has been positive with a number of landlords demonstrating their commitment to comply with their legal obligations with regards to licensing.  

Prior to October, the legal definition of an HMO requiring a license was if the property was occu
pied by five or more people, formed two or more separate households and comprised of three or more storeys.

Peterborough City Council is encouraging landlords and/or letting agents of HMOs to apply for their licences now in order to qualify for the £750 licensing fee. Any landlord found to be operating a licensable HMO without a licence, will be required to licence their property at a fee of £900 and will also be at risk of prosecution.   

In order to simplify the application process, Peterborough City Council has introduced an online application form.

For more information, please visit Peterborough City Council’s website or contact the housing enforcement team on 01733 747474.

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