Local Authority Trading Company could be launched

A Local Authority Trading Company could be launched in the city to allow the council more control over waste, street cleaning and flytipping.

Peterborough City Council Leader, Councillor John Holdich raised the proposal at the council's first Full Council meeting following the elections on Monday (21 May). Further information will now be gathered ready for the decision to be made by Cabinet later on this spring.

If approved, newly appointed cabinet member for waste and street scene, Councillor Marco Cereste will lead in its set up.

A Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) is a body that is free to operate as a commercial company but remain wholly owned by the parent local authority. As a trading body, it can provide its services to a much wider market than a council department. LATCs have been set up elsewhere in the country, with considerable success in a variety of areas, including waste and social care.

John Holdich, Leader of Peterborough City Council said: "Like many residents, I want to see every penny we spend on waste and cleansing services making a real difference to the look and feel of our city streets.

"There will be a report in the summer which will propose to set up a Local Authority Trading company to provide these services. We will continue to work with Amey to ensure a smooth transition to allow us time to set this up properly.

"Internal operation doesn't always provide best value. A trading company can undertake more external commercial work than a Local Authority is allowed and operate with overall control and in a more commercial way. This means it would be able to compete with third party operators on a level playing field, providing services without needing to pay management fees to contractors.

"If agreed, this would led by Cabinet Member Councillor Marco Cereste, to explore the best way to set this company up."

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