Takeaway has late night licence revoked

A Peterborough takeaway has had its licence to provide late night refreshments revoked following an application from Cambridgeshire Police.

Madina Kebab House, 65 Gladstone Street, Peterborough was subject to a joint operation by Home Office Immigration Enforcement and Cambridgeshire Police on 13 March 2015 during which four Pakistani nationals were found to be working on the premises illegally and were subsequently arrested.

Further enquiries confirmed that all four were illegally working in the UK and were detained pending removal. Home Office Immigration Enforcement issued the business a notice warning it could face a potential financial penalty of up to £60,000 fine for employing illegal workers.

Following this operation Cambridgeshire Police requested a review by the council’s Licensing Act 2003 sub-committee to revoke Madina Kebab House’s licence to serve hot food or drink to members of the public between 11pm and 1am. Concerns were raised that the proprietor Mr Amjid Hussain was not able to promote the licensing objective of the prevention of crime and disorder. Members of the committee also heard complaints from nearby residents regarding noise and anti-social behaviour.

Front of Madina Kebab House

PC Grahame Robinson from the SaferPeterborough partnership said; "Illegal working has harmful social and economic effects within the UK, it undercuts businesses that stay within the law and exploits migrant workers. Peterborough’s partner agencies work closely to deter employment of illegal workers and I hope this case sends out a clear message.

"The kebab house is also situated at the heart of a residential street and the noise created by groups hanging around the premises into the early hours was clearly affecting residents. We are pleased with the decision of the committee to limit the takeaway's opening hours as it was not meeting the licensing objective to prevent crime and disorder that was linked to the premises."

The licence revocation will come into force after a mandatory 21 day appeal period. The decision was taken by the committee on Thursday 11 June 2015, further information about the decision is available from the meeting agenda

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