Team Dynasty win national recognition at the Young Enterprise Awards

Business / 11 Jul 2018

Budding city entrepreneurs prove they’ve got what it takes to make it big in the business world after coming third in a national competition.

Pupils from the Ken Stimpson Community School in Werrington set up the company ‘Dynasty’ selling educational full colour cartoon activity books for five to 11 year olds, just 10 months ago.

Their first book ‘Raging Romans’ was such a hit, they now have a complete series which has achieved international sales, is stocked in Waterstones and could now be sold to Usborne Publishing. It has also received the ultimate celebrity endorsement, a retweet recommendation from Dame Professor Mary Beard from BBC hit TV series ‘Meet the Romans.’

Last week, the 11 pupils from Dynasty travelled to London to take part in the Young Enterprise Company of the Year national final, in which they scored a third place overall prize and won the Retail Excellence category.

Ben Wright, aged 17, managing director of Dynasty said: “It is a little overwhelming how successful the company has been, but due to our market research and planning, we were confident in our product right from the very beginning.

“As we will be doing our A-Levels next year, we are have made an initial approach in a sales negotiation with Usborne Publishing, which we are very excited about.”

As well as looking good on their CVs, the pupils have also picked up some valuable business skills along their journey, such as marketing, website design, negotiating, event planning, presentation techniques, sales and finance.

Kevin Abbott, assistant principal and Young Enterprise lead at Ken Stimpson said: “Dynasty is the first ever Peterborough team to make it through to the national finals and we are so incredibly proud of them. Both myself and their business advisor Ray Rankmore are confident they have glittering careers in business ahead of them.”

Bryan Erwin, principal at Ken Stimpson said: “We strive to give our pupils a well rounded education that doesn’t just give them good grades, but a good foundation on which to build their future careers.

“Our involvement in the Young Enterprise scheme is just one example of how we teach transferable business skills that will benefit them for years to come.”

Jonathan Lewis, director for education at Peterborough City Council said: “This is a wonderful example of young people in Peterborough out-competing the rest of the UK. Team Dynasty is to be commended for its business prowess and innovation.”

Dynasty's Activity Adventure series books, comprising of Raging Romans, Violent Vikings and Ancient Egyptians, are now on sale in Waterstones, Peterborough Museum and the Flag Fen gift shop.