City-wide collection points for grey food caddies

19 August 2021

In 2021, Peterborough City Council launched a campaign to encourage residents to recycle more food waste. In response to the success of the campaign, there has been an overwhelming number of requests for new or replacement grey food caddies.

To help clear the backlog of orders, Aragon have set up various collection points across the city. Residents who have ordered and are awaiting receipt of their food caddy can now collect directly from one of the new collection points. It is hoped that by asking customers to do this, Aragon will be able to prioritise delivery to those customers who may have difficulty leaving their homes.

If you have ordered a caddy via Peterborough City Council, then you may now collect from any of the following locations:

​​​​​​​Please note: you will only be able to collect your bin if you have ordered one in advance, staff will have a record of your order. The caddy collection service will run from Friday 6 August 2021 - Friday 10 September 2021 (Wednesday 1 September 2021 for Werrington Leisure Centre).