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Climate change program gets pupils thinking about carbon reduction.

02 March 2023

Manor Drive Secondary Academy was the first of five schools in the city to sign up for the Peterborough School Climate Change Programme.

The programme allows schools to undertake the Peterborough City Council’s net zero workshop. The workshop is focused on climate change as an issue, its causes and encourages students to design carbon reduction solutions for their school.

It will provide students with a greater understanding about the climate emergency and how it is both a global and local problem. It teaches them that almost every decision made in day-to-day life has an impact on carbon emissions, which all add up towards future climate change.

Its aim is to help students make climate conscious choices throughout their daily lives. By sharing ideas and tips with their friends and family, they will be able to support each other and make further changes to reduce carbon emissions.

Councillor Marco Cereste, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Planning, Housing and Transport, said: “The age groups that will begin to see the worst effects of climate change within their lifetimes are currently students. That’s why it’s important that we educate everyone in this age group now, some of the ideas that will come from the younger generations will be those that contribute towards saving the world and making a difference to the future of Peterborough.”

Mr Tom Boiling, Teacher of Humanities at Manor Drive Secondary Academy, said: “The workshops were so engaging and informative and the kids especially loved the experiments and bespoke activities that were created just for them. The students were inquisitive throughout the day and asked lots of questions; a good indication that they were incredibly interested in climate change and what Peterborough City Council had to say.”

Peterborough City Council is still actively encouraging participation for the Peterborough School Climate Change Programme. We look forward to creating carbon reduction action plans with more local schools.

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