Council signs up to fair tax initiative

Peterborough City Council is the latest authority to sign up to an initiative promoting fair tax conduct.

Members recently agreed to sign up to the Fair Tax Mark’s 'Councils for Fair Tax Declaration' scheme.

The council joins authorities from Oxford, Oldham and Cannock Chase as early adopters of the initiative and is the first council in the East of England to sign up.

The Fair Tax Mark has developed the scheme in collaboration with UK cities, towns and districts which believe that they can and should stand up for responsible tax conduct, doing what they can within existing frameworks and pledging to do more where possible.

The declaration, which commits cities, towns and districts to pursuing exemplary tax conduct in their affairs, requires greater transparency from suppliers. It also calls on the EU and UK governments to review legislation and support greater powers for the exclusion of tax dodgers from public procurement.

Councillor David Seaton, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for finances, said: “By signing up to this initiative we are leading by example and demonstrating good practice. We will continue to ensure that we consider the ethics of any suppliers we use, how they pay tax and quality of service provided when undertaking procurement.”

Mary Patel, networks manager at the Fair Tax Mark said: “We’re delighted that Peterborough is standing up for responsible tax conduct by approving the Councils for Fair Tax declaration. In doing so, the city council is committing to the highest possible standards of tax conduct in its own affairs, and is joining other supporters of the Declaration in calling for greater powers to tackle tax avoidance amongst suppliers.

“As recipients of significant public funding, it is right that municipalities should take the lead in the promotion of exemplary tax conduct, by asking contractors to be more transparent about their profits and who owns them, or by refusing to go along with offshore tax dodging when buying land and property.”