Anti-social behaviour enforcement expands across Peterborough

A new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has been introduced in Peterborough in a bid to clamp down on anti-social behaviour. 

From Monday 7 August officers from the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES) and private enforcement company Kingdom will be enforcing the order which covers Millfield, New England, parts of Eastfield, Lower Bridge Street and the Embankment. 

The PSPO will mean that anyone caught littering, spitting, urinating or defecating in public will receive an £80 fine in the form of a fixed penalty notice (FPN). Other offences include failing to throw away or hand over alcohol being consumed in a public place, or failing to leave an area if you are thought to be causing harassment or distress, if asked by an authorised officer. 

This is the second PSPO to be introduced in Peterborough which gives council officers additional powers to help tackle anti-social behaviour. Formally introduced on 23 June, PES officers have been on the ground educating and engaging local residents, businesses and community groups about the order. 

Councillor Irene Walsh, cabinet member for communities, said: “We hope the introduction of a second PSPO will see a decrease in the amount of anti-social behaviour witnessed in the city.

“We have received positive feedback regarding our first PSPO in the city centre and hope this continues as we begin enforcement of the new order. 

“This is about making the city a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable place for residents and those visiting or working in the city.” 

As expected, the number of fines being issued by officers enforcing the city centre PSPO has dropped as people become more aware of the order. Over a two week period in June, 525 fines were issued this has fallen to 254 fines being issued over a similar period last month.

Signs will shortly be erected in the areas covered by the new PSPO. A full list of the areas includes; Millfield, New England, Gladstone, Lincoln Road, parts of Eastfield, Central Park, Viersen Platz, Lower Bridge Street and the Embankment. 

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