Autumn tree maintenance and planting begins

Autumn tree works are about to commence by Aragon Direct Services, who play a lead role in planting and maintaining trees and woodland in the city.

Night time works have already commenced to minimise highway vegetation encroachment on a selection of dual carriageways around the city.

Work will then progress onto a number of shelterbelts throughout the city that require routine maintenance to keep them in good condition and to prevent them from becoming a problem to neighbouring properties or affecting the use of roads and paths.

A total of 500 trees have been ordered to be planted over the coming months within streets and opens spaces across the city.

The first tree will be planted by Councillor Marco Cereste and Chris Jackson
, Aragon Direct Services Streetcare Manager, at the following photo opportunity: 

In addition, a programme of works will begin in Bretton Woods to manage this valuable ancient woodland within the heart of the city, following a consultation in the spring. 

Councillor Marco Cereste, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for waste, street scene and the environment, said: “Trees are an important part of our neighbourhoods, providing habitat for birds and wildlife and absorbing harmful greenhouse gases. They also add visual appeal to our streets which is why it’s important that we invest in their health and longevity. The maintenance will allow for healthier trees and ensures our safety by removing identified hazards.

“The work at Bretton Woods, endorsed by the Wildlife Trust and approved by the Forestry Commission, will ensure the integrity of the woodlands are preserved and that the management continues to be on an ecologically sound and sustainable basis.

If no management is undertaken it is likely that the woods will become too dangerous for public access and the character of the woods would change dramatically. More open conditions would see an increase in regeneration of non-native tree and plant species and a marked deterioration of wildlife habitats within the woods. Where trees are felled within the ancient woodland restocking will be undertaken to ensure woodland cover is preserved.

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