Council to start processing Parking Permit and Taxi Licensing applications online

Peterborough City Council is moving its Parking Permits and Taxi Licensing applications online over the next few weeks, as part of an ongoing drive to increase the number of services that can be accessed via digital channels.

Currently, applying for Taxi and Private Hire Licensing and Parking Permits is only possible at the Cash Office in Bayard Place and involves a paper-intensive process. From today (21 February 2018) you will only be able to apply for Parking Permits through the council website.

From mid-March applying for Taxi Licensing will become a wholly online process as well. In addition, in March, applications for Blue Badges, Community Transport, and many other bill payments and council services will also become available on the council website.

Councillor David Seaton, Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “It’s a very exciting time for Peterborough City Council right now, as we make good on our aim to become ‘digital by default’ as per the central government standards. Residents have been able to pay their Council Tax and Business Rates, Parking fines and various other bills through our website for several years now.

"In the coming months they will also be able to apply for Blue Badges, Taxi Licensing, Parking permits and much, much more without having to head into the town centre or pick up the phone.

“Over the last decade, the changes brought about by the internet are nothing short of dramatic, and we need to acknowledge that the majority of customers now prefer the convenience of digital service. Most British adults now bank online, and 90 per cent of people have used internet shopping.

“However, we also acknowledge that a small minority of people still prefer to pay their bills with cash. Once the Cash Office permanently closes, on 14 March 2018, customers will still be able make payments to the council with cash at more than 100 locations across the city. They’ll simply need to take their printed bills with them to their local Post Office or Payzone outlet. Alternatively, they can visit their bank.”

To assist residents with the transition, the council has been running digital inclusion training across the city. Furthermore, the council will provide how-to videos and written guides on its website, and also offer face to face support at the following times and locations.

When Time Where
Every Monday until 16 April 2018  12:00-14:00 Bayard Place, Reception
Every Friday from 23 February 2018 12:00-12:30 Werrington Library 
On 22 February 2018 13:00-14:00 Allama Iqbal Centre, Gladstone Connect 
Every Thursday from 1 March - 22 March 2018 12:00-12:30 Gladstone Park 
Every Thursday from 8 February until the end of March 2018  15:00-16:00 Dogsthorpe Library 
Every Monday from 5 February until end of March 2018 14:00-15:00 Central Library 

Support will also be available at the two existing community hubs at Peterborough Community Radio (Herlington Centre) and Gladstone Park Community Centre.

In September 2017, the council approved a new Payments Strategy, which included a commitment to utilise the opportunities afforded by new technologies and acknowledge the changing ways in which the public now expects to access services. At the same time, the council resolved to close the Cash Office in March 2018.

The Peterborough Cash Office currently processes approximately five per cent of the payments received by the council. It will be one of the last facilities of its kind in the country to be closed.

The majority of local authorities in England no longer operate a Cash Office, including major cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester and Nottingham.

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