DfT additional funding

The Department for Transport has today announced that Peterborough City Council will receive additional funding to repair drought damage roads.

The £3.5 million follows a joint bid made by the city council and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Councillor Peter Hiller, Cabinet Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Planning, said: “We continue to spend money each year making sure our roads are as good as possible, but with a limited budget the deterioration of the network has at times outpaced our renewal programme.

"This additional money from the government, which we bid for with our partners at the county council, will help us to turn that on its head and invest more in repairing our drought damaged roads using the latest technology. 

"A good road network is essential to our aspiration to see the city continue to grow, attracting new investment, businesses and residents. This extra money will allow us to invest even further in our roads and make long-term repairs now which will save us money in the long run and reduce disruption for residents." 

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