Gul Nawaz elected Mayor of Peterborough

Councillor Gul Nawaz was elected as the city's first citizen at the annual meeting of Peterborough City Council yesterday (20 May 2019). 

His granddaughter Amreen will be Mayoress. Councillor Diane Lamb was named Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor's focus will be to continue to strengthen community cohesion to ensure Peterborough is a place to proudly live in and every individual and group is proud to live and work together. He and the Mayoress want to stand for all community groups and individuals and they aim to represent people and groups whose voice would normally go unheard.  

During his year of office, Councillor Nawaz will raise money for Little Miracles and the Friends of Peterborough Hospitals. 

Councillor Nawaz arrived in Peterborough from Kashmir at the age of 13. He attended Eastholm Secondary School and then gained employment at  Barron-Clark Steel. He has always worked in Peterborough for various private and public sector organisations, including Peterborough District Hospital. 

He was first elected to the city council in May 2002, representing the Ravensthorpe Ward and has remained elected in the ward to the present day.

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