Housing target reduced and new settlement removed in revised Local Plan

A revised version of the plan which sets out the future development of Peterborough and surrounding areas will be discussed by councillors from next month (starting with the Growth, Environment and Resources Scrutiny Committee on 1 November).

It follows a decision by the Cabinet to defer the process in September to allow officers time to consider a new government consultation and it’s impact on calculating the city’s future housing need.

This has now resulted in a revised housing target of 21,315 new homes to be constructed between 2016 to 2036, as part of the Proposed Submission Local Plan. 

This is a reduction of 1,673 homes required between this year (2017) and 2036 compared to the previous target, taking into account completions since April 1 2016. There has also been a slight adjustment, an increase of 302 homes, to the council’s ‘windfall’ allocation which predicts the number of much smaller one-off developments over the next two decades.

In the revised version of the plan, additional housing allocations totalling 550 homes are proposed across sites in Norwood and Fengate South.

Officers have therefore recommended that based on the reduction in the housing target, new allocations and evidence in the council’s Growth Strategy, it would no longer be appropriate to take forward the proposed new settlement to the north of the A47 close to Castor and Ailsworth. Therefore this allocation of 2,500 homes has been removed from the Proposed Submission Local Plan.

Councillor Peter Hiller, cabinet member for growth, planning, housing and economic development, said: “The decision to pause and review the new evidence from government was both correct and important given the significance of the Local Plan on the development of the city and surrounding areas. 

“As our officers previously suggested, the government’s new approach in determining future housing provision has reduced our targets overall, which were further reduced by the number of homes completed in the city in the last five years. This has resulted in their recommendation to remove the new settlement proposed to the west of the city from the Local Plan.”

A public consultation was held on a draft version of the plan earlier in the year and all comments have been carefully considered.

The revised plan will now be reviewed by committees before going to Cabinet (20 November). Cabinet will decide whether it is suitable for consideration by Full Council (13 December). If approved by Full Council, then a further six week consultation would take place in the new year. 

Thereafter, the Planning Inspectorate will carry out an examination of the plan, to check it is appropriate and suitable for Peterborough and surrounding areas.

The Proposed Submission Local Plan being considered by councillors can be viewed on the council’s website, as part of the agenda papers for the forthcoming committee meeting.

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