Hydrotherapy pool refurbishment gathering pace

Refurbishment and repair works which will enable Peterborough City Council to re-open a popular hydrotherapy pool are gathering pace.

St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool on Dogsthorpe Road has been closed since March after a leak was discovered in the pool.

The city council has committed to building a brand new facility in the city, as it knows how vital it is for many of the city's residents.

However, as the new pool is not expected to be open until late 2019, the city council has also committed to repairing the existing pool to limit the gap in provision.

As well as fixing the leak, there is also a need to remove asbestos from the building and make a number of other minor repairs. These works, expected to cost in the region of £45,000, are underway and progressing well.

The city council expects the St George's hydrotherapy pool to be open again by the end of September.

Councillor Irene Walsh, cabinet member for communities and member of the pool's steering group, said: "There are a good number of people across the city who rely on St George's for pain relief and companionship. In fact, it has helped in excess of 3,000 people manage their pain and health conditions since it opened in March 2011 and at the point the pool had to close temporarily more than 250 people were using it on a weekly basis.

"It is for this reason that I have championed the continued provision of hydrotherapy services in the city and why I have committed to the repair, renovation and reopening of the existing pool as quickly as possible.

"Work is progressing well and I am pleased to say that we are on schedule for the pool to reopen by the end of September at this stage.

"However we must not forget that although the current pool is well loved and used by a growing number of residents, it is rapidly reaching the end of its life.

"This is why I am delighted that plans are progressing on the design and costings for a brand new community hydrotherapy pool which we aim to have open by September 2019. 

“We will shortly be starting to work closely with the pool’s steering and user groups to design a modern facility for the wider community."

The plans for a new hydrotherapy pool are part of a wider plan to relocate Heltwate Special School to a new site in the city with extra pupil places and modern facilities, which will include the new pool. This is due to a growing number of pupils with special educational needs in the city.

The new school will be based at the former Perkins Sports Ground on Newark Road.

Whilst St George's is closed, Inspire Peterborough is offering opportunities for people to keep active, rehabilitate and exercise in the interim.

Inspire Peterborough now offers more than 20 weekly seated exercise/tai chi/yoga classes for people of all ages and abilities. The sessions are accessible, inclusive and affordable and take place across the city. 

For more information, email nikki@inspirepeterborough.com or call 01733 330815.

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