Joint Minerals and Waste plan for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire residents are being invited to have their say as work starts on a new minerals and waste plan which will cover both areas and extend until 2036.

As mineral and waste planning authorities, Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council are starting the process of preparing a single joint plan which will be used to forecast future waste management needs while taking into account the minerals needed for new development and housing growth set out in local plans.

At present Cambridgeshire and Peterborough produce about 2.7 million tonnes of waste each year. The largest amount (56 per cent) comes from construction, demolition and excavation operations, while household waste accounts for 16 per cent of the waste the Councils have to manage.

Looking to the future the Councils need to ensure there will be appropriate waste management facilities in place to manage the waste that will be generated over the plan period.

Sand and gravel are the main minerals in this region, and are essential as the raw material which enables development to take place.

The updated plan will ensure that sufficient minerals, such as sand and gravel, limestone and brick clay, are available locally for use in construction and industry.

The new plan, which will take three years to prepare, will contain detailed policies for waste management and minerals which will help to protect and enhance the environment whilst supporting local growth - including the new houses, roads and jobs that are needed in this area to drive our economy.

At present it is not known if more sites will be needed for mineral extraction or waste management but this will become clear as the plan takes shape.

Local people are being encouraged to comment on the plan and the initial consultation period will run from Wednesday 16 May to Tuesday 26 June. Further information can be found on the Peterborough City Council website and the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

This is the first of three consultations, as the Councils will be consulting on a full draft Plan in spring 2019, after taking the comments that have been made at this stage into account.

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