Local authority trading company board members confirmed as they welcome their first employees

Following Peterborough City Council’s landmark decision to launch its own local authority trading company, Peterborough Limited board members welcomed the company’s first employees from the building cleaning service this morning (Monday 4 February 2019).

Sixty one staff members who manage the cleaning of 32 buildings including schools, community centres and a number of external organisations have now transferred over from their current provider, Amey, as part of the first phase of transitions between February and May.

Peterborough Limited is wholly owned by Peterborough City Council. Its board members have responsibility for operational control, developing and delivering the business plan approved by the council, and reporting on progress and being subject to scrutiny by the council.

The recently appointed board of directors of Peterborough Limited comprises councillor Mohammed Farooq (chair); councillor Howard Fuller; Peterborough Limited’s Paul Sutton (interim finance director); and Peterborough City Council’s head of corporate finance Kirsty Nutton. Dr David Gillett is an interim advisor to the board.   

Councillor Farooq, chair of Peterborough Limited board, said: “This a momentous day for the city and I am pleased to welcome our first employees. I’m proud to be part of the new trading company which signals a major new direction for delivering many council services.”

Peterborough Limited will now focus on embedding the building cleaning service team into their roles and preparing for the second phase which will see the transferring of waste and recycling collections and passenger transport services to the new trading company on 1 April. The final phase will see building maintenance, street cleansing and grounds maintenance transition on 4 May.

This phased approach to be completed by early May will help manage the complexity and scale of the task which involves transferring of 449 employees, and all the assets and vehicles associated with these services. It will ensure the best possible quality of service is maintained and that high standards of public and employee safety are adhered to.

The services transferred to the new trading company will operate on a like-for-like basis. Residents and businesses can continue to contact the council on 01733 747474.

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