Lynne Ayres elected as councillor for West ward

The Conservative Party's Lynne Ayres has been elected as councillor for West ward.

A by-election was held today (Thursday 29 October 2015) following the resignation of Nick Arculus earlier this year. 

She secured 1174 votes out of a total of 2532 votes cast.

Labour's Mohammed Sabir finished second with 742 votes.

Results for other candidates were: John Myles (UKIP) 415 votes, Malcolm Pollack (Liberal Democrat) 103 votes and Alex Airey (Green Party) 94 votes.

The turnout was 36 per cent.

Peterborough City Council remains in no overall control. The council now consists of: 27 Conservatives, 12 Labour, 7 Independents, 4 Liberal Democrats, 4 UKIP and 3 Liberals. 

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