Mayor's badge to celebrate unity in Peterborough

A Peterborough Together badge has been launched by Peterborough Mayor, Councillor John Fox to celebrate unity in the city.

The badge, which features an anchor design and will be worn by local community leaders, is to serve as a visual reminder that the city supports the ‘One Peterborough One Community’ message.

It will be distributed to community leaders across the city over the coming weeks and will promote the city's progress in bringing communities together. Recipients will be asked to pledge money to the Mayor’s charities in return for receiving the badge.

Councillor John Fox, Peterborough Mayor and former Royal Navy serviceman of 11 years, said: “The anchor is particularly important as it symbolises how communities in Peterborough anchor together and how our real strength lies in the partnerships we create with each other.

“By wearing this badge we hope community leaders will be able to promote their pride in what this city has achieved in terms of community cohesion and what it will continue to achieve over the coming years. No matter what faith, colour or beliefs we hold, we are proud to be anchored strongly together.”

The three charities chosen by the Mayor for 2017/18 which will receives the proceeds from the badge collection are: Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, the Sea Cadets and Shopmobility.

Anyone who is interested in obtaining a badge should contact the Mayor’s office on 01733 452319 or

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