New enforcement action for parking contraventions

Peterborough City Council is to adopt powers to take action against vehicles which are causing a hazard by either double parking or parking in front of dropped kerbs.

With effect from March 1 2018, the Prevention and Enforcement Service parking team may issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to any vehicle found to be in contravention of obstructing crossing points or driveways.

The city council has these powers under sections 85 and 86 of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

Councillor Irene Walsh, cabinet member for communities, said: "We have decided to introduce this enforcement now following an increasing number of requests from residents to say these parking contraventions are taking place and causing a hazard, often outside schools.

"The introduction is to help prevent inconsiderate and selfish parking which causes inconvenience to property owners and compromises road safety."

Double parking

If a vehicle is parked more than 50cm from the kerb it can create a hazard and is classed as being double parked. This usually happens when a vehicle parks to the side of another parked vehicle, such that it is left in the middle of the road.

Dropped kerbs

A vehicle must not be parked on the carriageway adjacent to a footway, cycle track or verge where it has been lowered to assist pedestrians crossing or wheelchair users, or cyclists and motorists entering or leaving the carriageway.

Exceptions to this do apply, for example for emergency service vehicles and waste collection. Also for where the dropped kerb gives access to a resident's off street parking area and parking here is with the permission of the property owner. For this reason, enforcement action will only be taken when it is requested by the owner as they have not given permission for parking here.

The penalty for these contraventions is set at £70. If payment is made within 14 days a 50 per cent discount is applied. There will be a two week period prior to the go live in March where warning tickets will be issued with no fine imposed.

Unlike other parking contraventions, there is no requirement to place traffic signs or road markings where enforcement of these prohibitions will take place, as all Peterborough roads are covered in a special enforcement area. Blue Badge holders are not exempt from either of these contraventions.

To report a vehicle parked against a dropped kerb or double parked please phone 01733 747474 or email

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