Peterborough’s Local Plan is judged ‘sound’ by Planning Inspectorate

Peterborough’s new Local Plan has been judged as ‘sound’ by the Planning Inspectorate and could be approved by the summer.

The Planning Inspectorate concluded that the Local Plan provided an appropriate strategy and basis for the city's growth and regeneration up to 2036, subject to a few modifications:

  • Updating of housing tables/numbers and updated completion figures

  • Amending policies and text relating to car parking standards

  • Changes to policy and text relation to the historic environment.

  • Changes to policy in relation to biodiversity and geological conservation.

  • Changes arising from the findings of the Habitats Regulation Assessment.

  • A range of other alterations to the plan’s policies and supporting text in order to ensure that the plan is positively-prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

Once the modifications have been made, the final document will be taken to Cabinet for its approval on 10 June and to Full Council on 24 July.

Councillors must vote to approve or reject the Local Plan in full and cannot make any amendments.

If approval is gained, the Local Plan will be adopted and will set out the council’s planning policies for Peterborough and the surrounding villages up to 2036.

The news following three years of extensive data collection, site appraisals and public consultation by council officials. If councillors vote to reject the Local Plan, the process must begin again.

Councillor John Holdich, Leader of Peterborough City Council, said: “Peterborough is the fifth fastest growing city in the UK and is expected to grow by19,400 homes by 2036. It is therefore imperative that we have a properly considered and well structured Local Plan to ensure development is located in the right places with the necessary infrastructure in place to support this rapid growth."

Peter Hiller, cabinet member for growth, planning, housing and economic development, said: “I am delighted the Planning Inspectorate has only come back with minor changes to our Plan and not anything that alters the overall essence of it.

“Whilst I accept that not everybody will be 100 per cent happy, it indicates that we have got it about right and should be confident of its future success for our city. I would like to thank everyone involved in preparing this successful plan, including the many thousands of residents who took the time to offer their thoughts and suggestions during the consultation stages.”

You can view the Inspector’s report and amended Local Plan online. 

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