Peterborough’s new Local Authority Trading Company announces its trading name

'Aragon Direct Services' is the new trading name for Peterborough City Council’s trading company which is taking over delivery of key services, including bin collections.

Aragon Direct Services will be taking over the current services operated by Amey in a phased transfer as follows:

  • 1 April 2019 - waste collection 
  • 4 May 2019 - grounds maintenance, street cleansing, building maintenance services, and home to school transport routes

The building cleaning service already successfully moved into the trading company in February.

Councillor Mohammed Farooq, trading company chair, said: “We want to have a name and brand that has a link to Peterborough, whilst allowing us to be able to trade outside of the city in future. Residents should notice little obvious change, other than the new name. Bin collection schedules and services will remain the same and will continue to be delivered by the same team of frontline staff within the new trading company, Aragon Direct Services.

“Our number one focus will remain on continuing to improve the services but we can develop a more flexible approach to meeting the growing needs of our city. For example, where priorities change and we want to amend schedules for a service such as grass cutting this can be arranged more easily than if through an outsourced contract.”

Aragon Direct Services is the new trading name of Peterborough City Council’s registered Local Authority Trading Company, Peterborough Limited.

Councillor Marco Cereste, cabinet member for waste and street scene, said: “We made the landmark decision to form a new trading company to take over the services currently operated by Amey. Keeping our streets clean and bins emptied is a top priority for us.

“As local authorities continue to face financial pressure, we are being innovative to find new ways to balance the books whilst striving to deliver the highest quality services to the public and local businesses. Our trading company - Aragon Direct Services - will allow us to generate income through commercial operations which will help us to deliver first class services to our residents.”

The new company is wholly owned by the council which means that it will remain fully accountable to the council and its elected representatives.

Residents and businesses will continue to contact the council for information about these services or to report issues.

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