St Michael's Gate response

Adrian Chapman, service director for adults and communities for Peterborough City Council, said: "Like many cities across the UK, Peterborough currently has a severe shortage of properties available for temporary accommodation and an increasing number of people needing housing support.

"We sincerely regret that the current tenants of these properties will have to find somewhere else to live, but that is entirely a decision for the new owners and will happen whether or not we use the homes. That said, we will of course be supporting these residents if they require help finding alternative accommodation.

"If we didn't make use of these properties, Stef and Philips Limited would rent them out to another organisation, most likely another council. It would be foolish of the council to take this approach as the current tenants would still face eviction, it would not help address our need for additional housing and could result in the council being responsible for meeting the needs of residents from outside Peterborough placed in St Michael's Gate.

"Households who are unable to secure alternative accommodation without support can contact our housing needs team on 01733 864064."

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