Tree replacement planned for Bourges Boulevard

A number of trees planted as part of the newly designed Bourges Boulevard are due to be replaced in the autumn.

Twenty-three trees in total were planted by Eurovia Contracting (North) which carried out the Bourges Boulevard regeneration project on behalf of the city council.

A majority of the trees are becoming established and are growing well. However, eight of the trees have failed to come into leaf after dormancy and are unlikely to survive.

As part of the contract Eurovia will replace the trees at no cost to the council.

Bourges Boulevard

Simon Machen, corporate director for growth and regeneration, said: "It's a great shame some of the trees have failed to flourish. They were bought from a reliable and well regarded nursery and planted by a specialist landscape contractor. The Bourges Boulevard scheme also includes a full irrigation system for the trees. Mature trees of this size can sometimes suffer stress or die, having been transplanted from a nursery and then having to adapt to their new surroundings.

"Eurovia will be replacing the trees as part of the original contract however this will not take place until tree planting season in the autumn."

Works to transform Bourges Boulevard into a pedestrian and cyclist friendly boulevard were completed in July 2015. 

The scheme saw the central reserve widened and lined with lime trees. In addition, two 10 metre-wide pedestrian signalled crossings were installed between Crescent Bridge roundabout and Bright Street roundabout to improve access to the city centre for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project also allowed traffic from the railway station to turn right out of Station Road for the first time with traffic lights introduced at the junction.

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