Volunteer firefighters show Mayor the ropes in impromptu visit

Peterborough Mayor councillor David Sanders was given a tour and trip in a fire engine during an impromptu visit to Peterborough Volunteer Fire Station last week.

The mayor was on his way home from another engagement on Tuesday when he spotted the volunteer firefighters hard at work outside the station cleaning the fire engines. 

He was warmly welcomed by the team who then treated him to an hour-long visit - including a tour of the station to learn more about its history, what the volunteer role involves and finally a trip out in the fire engine.


Councillor Sanders said: “I’ve long held respect for the Peterborough Volunteer Fire Brigade which is the only team nationally to be operated fully by unpaid volunteers. These volunteer firefighters are highly trained and give their time for free every Tuesday and then on call-outs to emergencies in addition to the work of the full-time crews. 

“They provide an invaluable service to the local community and beyond, all in their own time, and at their own cost. We’re really lucky to have them.”

The Peterborough Volunteer Fire Station includes two fire engines and provides a service to Cambridgeshire and beyond. It operates as a private fire brigade under a unique contract with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority and comes under the jurisdiction of the county chief fire officer. All volunteer firefighters go through the same recruitment and training process as on-call firefighters.

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