Work on new junction in Bourges Boulevard progressing well

Construction work on a new road junction in Peterborough city centre to improve access to a well-used car park is progressing well.

Work on the junction in Bourges Boulevard got under way back in February and will see ramped access to the Network Rail car park built, as well as a right turn lane and pedestrian crossing.

The project is part of the council's Bourges Boulevard Phase 2 Improvement Scheme and once completed, will make it easier for motorists to enter and exit the car park, which is near Peterborough railway station.

Andy Tatt, Head of Peterborough Highway Services, said: "The work remains on schedule to be completed in late summer as no significant delays have occurred so far, despite the bad weather during March.

"We would like to advise motorists that from Monday, April 23, a major change to the temporary traffic management system in Bourges Bouelvard will take place, as the works move into the central reservation area of the road.

"As a result, the road lane closures will move from being Monday to Friday only to a permanent operation, with this phase of works lasting for five weeks. We would urge motorists who make regular journeys along Bourges Boulevard to please bear this in mind."

The work will see road tapers reduced so that the lane closures are more confined to the area approaching the Crescent Bridge roundabout, easing congestion that has been occurring at the Rivergate roundabout.

Bourges Boulevard Network Rail Junction

The lane closures are being made permanent to help ensure the safety of motorists and the workforce as the new phase of work will see the kerbing and pedestrian safety barriers removed and the central reservation excavated.

Motorists will see a difference in the layout through the works but there will be no change to the amount of access available.

The lane closures will extend from the ASDA car park entrance to the Crescent Bridge roundabout on the northern approach and from the roundabout to just past the Priestgate junction on the southern carriageway.

Works to the bus lay-by outside the TK Max store will be continuing but this shouldn't affect the operation of the Rivergate roundabout. The bus stop will remain open to bus services.

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