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Homes to be bought to help refugees settle in Peterborough

12 July 2023

Up to 25 homes will be bought by Peterborough City Council to help refugees who have fled their homes resettle in the city.

The homes will be bought partly through funding which has been received through the Local Authority Housing Fund (LAHF). This national fund distributes Government money to support councils to help people rebuild their lives through their refugee resettlement programmes – in particular to support those from Afghanistan and the Ukraine.

Support and integration is also available for refugees resettled under the national schemes in Peterborough. This includes opening a bank account, accessing health and social care services, accessing education and adult skills training, learning English and gaining qualifications in order to work and advice on how to integrate into the UK and specifically Peterborough. The households will be responsible for paying rent and bills on the properties.

Due to the strict timescale requirements of the LAHF, which requires the homes to be bought by November this year, the city council is being supported by an agent who will inspect and negotiate on behalf of the council, prior to officer review and approval.

Councillor Andy Coles, cabinet member for finance, said: “We are pleased to have been awarded money from the Government to help refugees from Afghanistan and the Ukraine to settle into our city.

“The money will partly fund up to 25 homes which will be rented out to households. This will be in addition to the wrap-around services and integration we are already offering to help people to integrate well into our communities.”