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Landmark tree planted

24 March 2023

A landmark tree was planted in Peterborough this week, marking the end of the council's winter tree planting season during which 4,450 trees have been planted.

The occasion was marked with a special ceremony at Longthorpe Green, including staff from Aragon Direct Services, along with city Councillor Nigel Simons.

The newly-planted Field Maple, also known as an Acer Campestre, is one of 40 different tree species to be planted across 111 sites between November 2022 and March 2023, boosting the natural environment and helping the council in its goal to become carbon neutral.

The authority is actively working to replace and increase the city’s tree stock, particularly in urban areas. Last year the council was successful in being awarded funding from the government’s Treescapes Fund to top up its annual tree planting budget, enabling additional planting to take place.

Councillor Nigel Simons, Cabinet Member for Waste, Street Scene and the Environment said: “Trees are important community and environmental assets and therefore it’s vital to replace and increase our stock each year during the winter months when trees are in their dormant cycle.

“To plant so many trees in a short space of time is a fantastic achievement and I would like to thank everyone involved from the council and Aragon for their efforts.

“By increasing our tree stock we can help to reduce our carbon emissions, bringing vital benefits including improving physical and mental health, better air quality and helping to stimulate our economy.”

The council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and since then has committed to several initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions. This includes a target of 25 per cent tree canopy on city council land by 2035, which will require thousands of trees to planted every year.

The new trees will also be registered under the Queen’s Green Canopy programme, a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022