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New plans to reduce carbon emissions unveiled

22 June 2023

New plans to reduce carbon emissions across the council over the next 12 months will be progressed as the authority continues to work towards becoming a net zero carbon organisation.

At a meeting of full council yesterday (Wednesday), members approved a Climate Change Action Plan for 2023 which proposes several key commitments over the next year, including a roadmap to net zero emissions, installing solar panels and LED lighting for suitable buildings, continued tree planting, as well as supporting suppliers to reduce emissions.

There will also be a focus on expanding carbon literacy training to staff and councillors, exploring options for additional electric vehicle charging at council buildings and securing funding to review utility billing reform.

Councillor Nigel Simons, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Change: “We remain fully committed to reducing carbon emissions and this latest action plan is a further step towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral. The action plan will decrease carbon emissions through reduced electricity consumption, decreased staff travel and increased carbon capture through tree planting.

“This is an ongoing journey and it’s likely that additional projects to reduce carbon emissions will be brought forward over time.”

Back in July 2019, the council declared a climate emergency and adopted its first carbon management action plan in March 2020. It was agreed to update this annually and the latest report is the fourth edition.

Last year, the council committed to 25 actions to reduce its carbon emissions. Key successes have included securing funding to plant trees and researching and drafting a procurement plan to reduce supply chain emissions.

The council also received funding for the development of heat decarbonisation plans for 14 of its buildings, whilst HVO fuel has continued to be used by the Peterborough Highways Service, delivering a 90% reduction in emissions in comparison to diesel.

For more information on the Climate Change Action Plan visit here.