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Opportunity Peterborough to have a wider role in city’s growth and economic development

02 February 2023

Opportunity Peterborough has now moved back into Peterborough City Council in order to have a wider role in the city’s growth and economic development.

The formal process of moving staff back in-house to the council concluded on Wednesday (1 February).

The move has been made to capitalise on the city’s success securing Government funding and private investment for high level growth and regeneration sites – such as Station Quarter, ARU Peterborough and Fletton Quays.

By working together, Peterborough City Council and Opportunity Peterborough want to ensure this growth also delivers new opportunities to support local businesses, create more jobs and upskill the city’s workforce.

Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald, leader of Peterborough City Council, said: “The funding and investment that Peterborough has secured is great for our city from a growth and regeneration perspective - that’s a given. However, by focusing on how we can use this to additionally grow local businesses, upskill local people and create more jobs, we benefit from that investment two-fold. This is a great opportunity to work together to further increase the city’s economic future. I would also like to thank the directors of Opportunity Peterborough for their service to the city - some of whom has been in their voluntary roles for 18 years."

Opportunity Peterborough’s primary work to support local business growth and attract new employers and jobs would be maintained. It would continue to operate under the Opportunity Peterborough brand and the distinctive multi-coloured Peterborough city brand will be retained for inward investment and tourism.

Dr Angus Kennedy, chair of Opportunity Peterborough, said: “It’s reassuring that there is a renewed emphasis on inward investment as a city and I’m very excited about what we can achieve as part of Peterborough City Council. Opportunity Peterborough has for many years been successful in driving economic growth, investment, prosperity and job creation. By teaming up with the city council we will be able to accelerate this further.”

Tom Hennessy, chief executive of Opportunity Peterborough, said: “Our city has a fantastic economy and inward investment to sustain its high rate of growth. By integrating into the council, we can make sure that we are capitalising on this together and really pulling in the same direction. It will mean that we can join up to make the most of regeneration and funding opportunities while delivering more results for businesses and investors and the city as a whole.”