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Peterborough City Council welcomes improvements in primary school attainment results

07 March 2023

New figures from Peterborough City Council have shown a substantial increase in attainment levels for primary school pupils.

The city has moved up from 148th in the national league tables in 2018/19 to 123rd for 21/22, for achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and maths for key stage two pupils.

Peterborough is now placed higher than Norfolk, Suffolk, Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough in the Eastern Region in the table of 152 authorities.

The gap between Peterborough’s attainment level of 55% and the national level of 59% is now 4% - compared to 12% six years ago.

In 2015/16 in Peterborough 43% of pupils were achieving the expected standard in Reading / Writing and Maths compared to the national standard of 54%, prompting a review by Cllr Lynne Ayres, Cabinet Member for Education.

Since then, Peterborough primary schools have delivered a 14% improvement in reading (from 55% to 69%), and an 8% increase in maths (from 61% to 69%) for KS2 pupils. Sixty-five per cent of children are achieving the expected standard in writing, against a national average of 70%.

The figures for 21/22 have been revised by The Department for Education (DfE), taking account of corrections from remarking and removing children who are not included in the final data, such as those who have been in education in England for less than two years.

There has also been strong improvement in secondary outcomes, which saw the city move up to 35th nationally out of 151 authorities for Progress 8 – a measure of the value schools have added to a pupil from their starting position compared to other pupils nationally. This is an improvement of 37 places from the previous year.

The basics measure (English and Maths 5+) saw Peterborough move up 13 places, to 84th.

Jonathan Lewis, Director of Education for Peterborough City Council, said: “The news reflects the hard work and commitment of our schools, governors, academy trusts and officers, particularly during Covid, and we should celebrate these improvements for our primary and secondary educational outcomes.

“There remains much to do on our journey to improve educational outcomes in Peterborough but we have made significant progress and I am delighted to see that collaboration and sharing best practice is now strong and is making a difference for our children.

“I will continue to work closely with officers to develop the next stage of our plan for educational improvement”.

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education, Skills and the University, Cllr Lynne Ayres, said: “One of our top priorities in Peterborough is to give every child and young person the best start in life and that is why we have invested so heavily in education in the past decade, both in terms of improving buildings and facilities and in our support for schools.

“These latest attainment statistics are fantastic news and testament to the hard work of children, young people and their families and also staff in our education department, schools, governors and trustees. I would like to congratulate all involved in reaching this major step forward including head teachers, the local authority officers, parents and the pupils.”

“The average Peterborough attainment score at Key Stage 2 is now close to the national average and we will not stop in our quest to raise attainment levels further still.”