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Planners recommend sign off on public consultation for Local Plan

28 June 2023

The city council’s Planning and Environment Protection Committee yesterday (27 June) recommended sign off the public consultation that residents will use to have their say on the next Local Plan.

Peterborough’s Local Plan is due to be updated over the next three years following a proposed public consultation which is planned to take place from 28 July until 15 September 2023. The final decision to launch this will be confirmed by Cabinet on 10 July 2023.

The Local Plan is an important document for the city, setting out how it will grow over the coming decades. The current plan was adopted in 2019 and covers development up until 2036 – however, national policy is for this to be updated every five years.

Reviewing the local plan brings numerous benefits, including ensuring that Peterborough can demonstrate it has enough land for housing. Planning in a considered way such as this, will help the city to achieve its carbon zero aims by making sure all new buildings and developments have easy pedestrian and cycle links and are energy efficient.

It also ensures employers can find out which land is available for them to occupy, bringing more jobs to the city, and allows new national policies in areas including climate change and biodiversity to be included.

Moreover, it also gives more time to plan where new infrastructure - including schools, roads and health facilities - will need to be built.

Cllr Marco Cereste, cabinet member for growth and regeneration at Peterborough City Council, said: “Peterborough is the second fastest growing city in England and Wales and our city is on the cusp of a huge wave of redevelopment the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1980s.

“That means it’s vital that we have a clear strategy on how and where we want to grow. We have enormous opportunities at our fingertips with over £80million of Government investment and many more millions of private sector investment in the pipeline.

“The decisions we make today will shape the city our children and grandchildren live in. We want Peterborough to grow in a way that supports them and helps them to live healthy and long lives, with economic prosperity - A good Local Plan can go a long way to delivering this.”