Are E-U registered to vote?

It's less than a month to go until the EU referendum.

Residents have until Tuesday 7 June 2016 to make sure they are registered to vote. Anyone not on the electoral register by then will not be able to.

People will now have started to receive their poll cards with the first batch being distributed to households last week.

Rachel Parnell, the council's electoral services manager, said: "It's important that no-one misses their opportunity to take part in the referendum.

"The fastest way to register to vote is online and you need to do that by midnight on 7 June 2016 to make sure you receive your poll card.

"If you were registered for the local elections you don't need to register again."

Postal votes are also available. The deadline to register to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 8 June.

To arrange a postal vote contact the elections helpline on 01733 452249 or email to request an application form. People can also visit the Town Hall in Bridge Street, Peterborough to register.

Residents must bring documents to verify their name and address (a utility bill or council tax bill), and either a passport or driving licence that includes a photograph.

To vote in the EU referendum a person must be registered to vote and also be one of the following:

- a British citizen living in the UK
- a qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK
- a citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in the UK
- overseas electors

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