Be safe and be seen as the clocks fall back

With the clocks going back this weekend, the Safer Peterborough Partnership is reminding people of the importance of being safe and seen when out on the roads.

British Summer Time ends at 2am on Sunday and, though it means an extra hour in bed, the switch can see a rise in the number of incidents on the roads.

During 2014, 676 people were injured on Peterborough roads of which 75 were either seriously injured or killed.

Various activities will be taking place across Peterborough during the coming months that encourage adults and children to wear something bright and reflective during the darker mornings and evenings.

The Safer Peterborough Partnership has visited schools across the city to raise awareness of the road safety programme.

The team will also be at:

  • Tesco Serpentine Green, Hampton - Tuesday 27 October 10am to 12pm
  • Sainsbury’s, Bretton - 2pm to 4pm

Clair George, senior road safety officer for the Safer Peterborough Partnership said “All road users are at risk of not being seen as the dark nights draw in but particular young people and other road users.

"People are often hurt in crashes simply because they are not easily visible. The problem is worse in winter, as heavy rain and fog and shorter daylight hours cause poor visibility.

"We are encouraging children and other road users to wear clothes or safety accessories that combine fluorescent colours with reflective material."

Parents are encouraged to let their children visit the Tales of the Road website which combines road safety information with interactive games.

Clair George added: "Cyclists should also remember it is an offence to cycle at night without a front light, a rear light and a red rear reflector."

Cyclists who have been stopped for failing to display the required lights on their pedal cycle should be aware of the Lights Instead of Tickets (LIT) scheme.

It means cyclists will not have to pay the £50 fine if they buy a set of lights from a retailer and bring the receipt, together with the LIT form issued when stopped, to the Police Enquiry Office, Bayard Place, Peterborough within fourteen days of being issued this notice.

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