Be safe and be seen on the roads

Pedestrians, cyclists and riders are encouraged to be safe and be seen when the clocks go back this weekend.

With the arrival of the darker autumn and winter days, statistics reveal the shorter days lead to a rise in road casualties, particularly for the most vulnerable groups such as children, cyclists, motorcyclists and the elderly.

The SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service is reminding people of the importance of being safe and seen when out on the roads.

Clair George, road safety officer for the Prevention and Enforcement Service, said: "Evidence indicates that there is a rise in the number of collisions at this time of year, both in the mornings and afternoons, as road users adapt to a combination of changing factors such as poorer weather conditions and pedestrians not wearing reflective or bright clothing."

Information has been sent to all Peterborough primary schools outlining road safety advice to share with pupils and parents. Officers will also be talking to pupils about road safety.

The city council's Travelchoice team will soon be promoting further events taking place in the coming weeks.

Councillor Irene Walsh, city council cabinet member for communities and environment capital, added: "With the clocks going back (at 2am on Sunday 30 October) and pupils returning to school after the October half-term holiday, we are reminding children, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to take particular care over the months ahead. 

"I would encourage all parents or guardians with school children to make sure their child can be clearly seen by wearing something ‘hi-vis’."

During 2015, 90 young people aged 15 and under were injured on Peterborough roads, three suffering serious injuries.

The number of cyclists injured in 2015 was 99, including one fatality, and the number of pedestrians injured was 52, including seven seriously.

Cyclists should also remember it is an offence to cycle at night without a front light, a rear light and a red rear reflector.

Young people can also find out more about the Be Safe Be Seen campaign by visiting the 'Tales of the Road' website. The website contains games, video clips, as well as road safety information for parents.

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