Five face fines for abandoning cars in Peterborough

Five people have been found guilty of abandoning their vehicles in Peterborough in just one week. Now each of them has been ordered to pay £865.

The five individuals were successfully prosecuted by Peterborough City Council after failing to remove their vehicles when asked to do so by Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES) officers. 

Found guilty in their absence, all were fined £220, as well as being ordered to pay court costs of £125, compensation to the council for recovery and storage of £490 and victim surcharge of £30. 

Warning notices were left on the cars advising they had been reported as abandoned and asking the owners to get in touch with the council. Fixed penalty notices were then issued to the registered owners of the vehicles, all of which failed to pay and as a result were summoned to court. 

Chief Inspector Rob Hill, head of the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service, said, ‘As well as being very unsightly, abandoned vehicles can cause a big safety issue to the travelling public and are an environmental hazard. The successful prosecution of these five individuals demonstrates the seriousness of such an offence.'

Abandoned vehicle with no wheels

How to report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle using the MyPeterborough online reporting form

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