Heataborough scheme extended to all Peterborough residents

An initiative to help residents save money on their energy bills is being rolled out across the city.

The Heataborough scheme allows residents to apply for energy efficiency grants of up to £6,000 per household.

The funding is available for solid wall insulation in suitable properties and was previously only available to those living in central Peterborough.

Those who wish to apply for Heataborough grants must do so quickly – the grants are only available on a first come first served basis until the end of September. 

Residents who live in houses with solid walls can apply for the energy efficiency grants to cover the costs of external wall insulation. Landlords can also apply for their tenanted properties.

External wall insulation can help make homes warmer, healthier and more comfortable. Residents can benefit by reducing their heating bills by up to £175 a year in a typical mid-terraced property and save up to £260 a year for a semi-detached property.

Installing external wall insulation can raise the value of properties by improving the external appearance as well as its overall energy rating.

The Heataborough scheme also aims to help landlords bring rental properties in Peterborough up to the new legally required standards by improving their energy efficiency rating. As well as improving rental prospects for the landlord, tenants will benefit from lower energy bills.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member for digital, waste and street scene, said: “Our Heataborough scheme has been designed to help our residents to improve their home’s energy performance. We are committed to reducing household energy bills in the long term and supporting residents and landlords by providing real financial support.

"We urge residents to check the Heataborough website now and see if they are eligible to apply for the scheme as winter approaches.” 

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