Man fined for breaching noise order

A resident who continued to disturb neighbours with loud music after being handed an order to stop, has been fined and had sound equipment forfeited.

George Morris Kharou of Miller Way, Peterborough, was convicted at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on July 2 for breaching a Noise Abatement Notice following an investigation by Peterborough City Council’s environmental health, pollution control team.

Kharou was ordered to pay £2,761 (this included a fine of £692 victim surcharge of £69 and costs of £2,000), in addition to a forfeiture order for two speakers and a soundbar.

He had previously been served with an abatement notice for breaching statutory nuisance provisions due to excessive noise disturbance which was having a significant impact on nearby residents.

The notice ordered Kharou to stop the noise nuisance, but it came to the attention of officers that he was continuing to play R&B and Hip Hop music into the early hours at weekends.

Peter Gell, head of regulatory services at Peterborough City Council, said: “Due to Mr Kharou failing to adhere to the requirements of the notice, and the ongoing disturbance to others, sound equipment was seized following the obtaining of a court warrant, and the matter was subsequently put before the courts.

“Whenever we gain evidence of a statutory noise nuisance we will take steps to prevent it. If a notice fails to achieve this, we will then look to prosecute. Residents have the right to live without excessive disturbances and we take any report of noise nuisance extremely seriously.”

The council has a legal responsibility to investigate complaints of noise from premises and has powers to take action where a statutory nuisance occurs.

Domestic noise complaints are received typically about loud music, barking dogs, DIY activities and burglar alarms.

When assessing noise nuisance officers consider the time of the alleged nuisance, the duration and frequency and the area in which it occurred.

Residents who have concerns about noise levels to call the city council on 01733 747474 or report matters online.

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