Not once, twice, three or four times

It’s smiles all round at Caverstede Early Years Centre as children, parents, staff and governors celebrate the outstanding news of being named a top Ofsted performer for the fifth time in a row.

The local authority-run early years school provides places for 160 children aged two to four years with a strong focus on children with special educational and learning disabilities. The outstanding rating follows a short visit by Ofsted in February 2017 when inspectors found a “relentless” approach to maintaining excellence at the school and a strong sense of teamwork.

Described as “a happy place to work because relationships across the school community are very strong”, inspectors go on to praise a delightful environment that sees children as enthusiastic, confident learners who feel safe and happy.

Head Debbie Hayes, who joined the school following the last outstanding report in late 2013, is praised for her inclusive leadership and the priority that staff give to the wellbeing and safety of all children.

Debbie said: “This is fantastic news for everyone involved with Caverstede and definitely a team effort. Achieving a top rating from Ofsted is no mean feat, and to maintain that performance across five inspections and ten years really is outstanding.

"I love the comments about the atmosphere at the centre as they reflect exactly how I felt when I first joined the team. It’s a privilege to work here and I want to thank everyone involved with the centre for this success.”

The inspection included observations of teaching and learning, informal discussions with parents and children, assessment of the children’s work, scrutiny of 130 questionnaires and key documentation, and meetings with senior leaders and members of the governing body.

Leader of the council and cabinet member for education, skills and university, councillor John Holdich, said: “Caverstede is an ongoing success story that we feel incredibly proud of at the council. It’s an absolute privilege to be invited back to celebrate yet another outstanding Ofsted report.

“The team should be very proud of themselves for maintaining these excellent standards for the 160 children in their care. I was particularly touched to read the feedback from parents who are highly positive and complimentary about the school in terms of both the creative learning opportunities and facilities provided for their children. They feel involved and well communicated with which is a credit to both staff and governors.”

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