Perkins Great Eastern Run 2018 officially launched as part of a new City of Festivals programme

Entries are now open for the 2018 Perkins Great Eastern Run, the city’s increasingly popular October half marathon which drew its biggest ever turn-out last autumn.

So far around 1,600 people have already pre-registered their interest in completing the run that takes place on Sunday 14 October. Richard Graves, Marketing Promotions Manager for principal sponsors Perkins, said: "This event is a real highlight of Peterborough's calendar so it is no wonder that pre-registrations are at a record level.

"Perkins are so proud to continue to be part of this event as it brings people together, not just the thousands of runners, many of whom are raising money for causes close to their hearts, but also all those who volunteer their time to ensure the event is a huge success."

To register interest for this year’s PGER please go to the Perkins Great Eastern Run webpage. If you have a story to share about why you are running this year's event please contact

City of Festivals

This initiative is introduced by Peterborough City Council’s City Services and Communications Service which is the lead producer of festivals in the city. It aims to better co-ordinate, increase the number of and improve promotion of, a wonderful festival programme across the city with many partners including Vivacity and Nene Park Trust. Specifically, Peterborough - A City of Festivals, is aimed at;

  • Increasing the number of free festivals and events across the city.
  • Encouraging more local and community groups to host festivals and events within Peterborough city centre.
  • Improving the co-ordination and marketing of festivals through a joint festival working team between the council and key parties.
  • Marketing all city festivals and events together under one banner: Peterborough - A City of Festivals.
  • Seeking business support to help develop the programme and fund/sponsor new festivals and events.

Annette Joyce, Peterborough City Council Director of City Services and Communications, said: “These festivals and events provide vibrancy to the city centre, install pride and a sense of belonging to Peterborough residents, promote diversity, support cultural and social cohesion, and increase footfall to support employment and the retail economy. Most of all they are enjoyable and fun.

"We have already identified a number of events that we would like to add to the annual calendar including folk, jazz, classical music, street performance and food festivals. We would like to hear from residents with their ideas, and from businesses who would like to offer support with funding and sponsorship."

The 2018 City of Festivals programme already includes (for full details see the Visit Peterborough website) :

  • Katharine of Aragon Festival - 26 and 29 January
  • Sunrise 5k - 8 June (a new run through the city at the crack of dawn)
  • Heritage Festival - 16 and 17 June
  • Armed Forces Day - 30 June
  • Polish Festival - 1 July
  • Classic and Vintage Vehicle Festival - 1 and 2 September
  • Italian Festival - 8 and 9 September
  • Perkins Great Eastern Run - 14 October
  • Oktoberfest - 19 and 20 October
  • Diwali Festival - 27 October
  • Christmas Festival - from 15 November.

Councillor Steve Allen, who is responsible for Peterborough’s City Centre Management, Tourism and Culture, said: “I’m delighted to announce the Peterborough - A City of Festivals initiative which builds on Peterborough’s growing reputation as one of the leading providers of quality festivals drawing visitors from across the country.

"The initiative supports jobs and the economy, as well as providing excellent events that Peterborough residents can enjoy. We already organise and host an excellent programme of festivals and events, it would be great if we can expand on this exceptional programme with the help of the commercial sector.

"If you would like to propose new festivals and events to be staged in the city, or if your business may be able to offer support with funding or sponsorship, please email Annette Joyce at"

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