Record numbers get first preference primary school

A record number of pupils will be starting at their first preference primary school this September.

Out of the 2,802 parents who applied for a place before the deadline, 91.5 per cent have been offered their first preference school. This figure has increased from 87.8 per cent last year.

In total 98 per cent of parents were offered one of their three preferred primary schools with around 5.6 per cent being offered their second preference and 1 per cent their third.

Parents who applied for a primary school place on-line were able to log-on from 12.30am today (Tuesday 18 April 2017) to find out which school they have been offered. They have also been sent an email to inform them of their offered school.

In addition, all parents who applied for a place have been sent a letter by first class post this morning explaining their offer.

Terry Reynolds, director of education, said: “Peterborough has seen a massive increase in its school population in recent years and we have worked hard to create thousands of new places to keep up with demand.

“Through continued good planning we have ensured that high numbers of families are able to send their children to their preferred primary school.”

Parents who are unhappy with the school place they have been offered have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.

Parents will be given details of how to appeal with their offer letter or online.

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