Recycle and gain rewards

Peterborough City Council, in partnership with Amey, is launching a recycling rewards scheme to 35000 of the city’s households.

The pilot ‘Love Peterborough: Love your Community Recycling Reward’ scheme aims to incentivise residents in Eye, Thorney, Stanground, Hampton, East, Walton, Paston and North Bretton to recycle more and minimise waste.

Residents in these areas have already received a leaflet, letter and activation code detailing how they can get involved and begin earning green points.

Green points can be gained by taking part in recycling ‘modules’ ranging from presenting recycling bins to buying from the WEEE Reuse. 

Points are accumulated by each area, and the area with the largest amount of green points at the end of every four months gets the biggest share of £6,000 to award to a charity group or project in their area, which residents vote for.

Areas in second and third place will also receive money to donate to their areas charities or community groups, while top recycling individuals across the areas will receive a £50 voucher.

Residents will be able to log their activity via the specially designed website or on an off-line record sheet if they have no access to the internet.

They can register or call 01733 425353 to receive the offline information and begin recording their recycling activity.

Councillor Gavin Elsey and Cabinet Member for digital, waste and street scene at Peterborough City Council said; “We currently recycle 47 % of rubbish in Peterborough, which we aim to raise to 65% by 2020. 

We hope the scheme will help to increase recycling in the city, encourage communities to work together to improve the rates in their areas and support their local community groups and charities.”

Community groups or charities based within the seven areas can apply or be nominated as a beneficiary of the scheme by submitting a proposal detailing what they would do with the prize money.  Community groups can request a form by emailing or ringing 01733 425353.

The scheme is being funded, following a successful application to the Department of Community and Local Government’s Rewards and Recycling Fund.

The scheme will run for two years, and the areas chosen have below average recycling rates or engagement on this issue is work in progress and a mixture of political denomination.  The scheme will be rolled out to more areas in the city in six months time. 

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