Referendum date set for Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan

A date has been set for a referendum on the Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan.

The vote will take place on Thursday 6 July 2017 and all residents of the parish area who are registered to vote will be able to have a say on the plan.

Neighbourhood plans, introduced through the Localism Act 2011, are a way for a local community to have a meaningful say on the development that will take place in their area.

Peakirk is the first neighbourhood plan in Peterborough to be taken forward to referendum after going through a consultation process and independent examination.

The plan was produced with a significant amount of local consultation undertaken by the Peakirk Neighbourhood Planning Group. 

The plan contains policies that could help shape any planning applications that may come forward for the area. The policies include requirements that relate to the historic character of the village, the landscape character of Peakirk, the mix of houses being developed, flood risk, design, trees, the creation of small businesses, the protection of allotments, and renewable energy. The plan also allocates some local green spaces for protection.

The referendum will cover all households within the Peakirk Parish Council area, which is the same area as the designated Peakirk Neighbourhood Area.

If successful at referendum the Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the Development Plan for the area. This means that the policies in the plan will be used in making decisions on planning applications in Peakirk.

The referendum will be open to all voters registered as a local government elector, residing within the Peakirk parish area by 20 June 2017.

You can register to vote within the election section on our website.

More information on the Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Peakirk Neighbourhood Referendum page.

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