Roundabout hailed for improving road safety

A roundabout built at an accident blackspot in Peterborough has been hailed for improving road safety in the area.

The roundabout, at the junction of Staniland Way and David’s Lane in Werrington, was completed in May 2015 following a campaign by local councillors and residents to reduce the number of accidents happening there. 

The previous triangular junction often resulted in drivers having to wait lengthy periods for a gap in the traffic. Not only has the new roundabout enhanced traffic flow but the following reported accident statistics for the road show that it has also improved safety:

  • 2012 -  3 slight collisions
  • 2013 - 2 slight collisions
  • 2014 - 2 slight collisions
  • 2015 - 0 collisions
  • 2016 - 0 collisions
  • 1/1/2017 to 31/7/2017  - 1 slight collision

Councillor Peter Hiller, Peterborough City Council's Cabinet Holder for Growth, Planning, Housing and Economic Development, said: "This roundabout was due to be the first stage of the proposed Tesco and Werrington Centre improvements but, following a Tesco re-think, the planned road safety improvement here was shelved. 

"The ward councillors and I were committed to making the roundabout happen however and I am delighted to see that what we've managed to achieve is helping to keep motorists safe, which was the main incentive behind this project. The statistics speak for themselves and the roundabout is something we can all feel proud of."

Councillor John Fox, who campaigned for the roundabout, added: "Before the roundabout was built there were numerous collisions and no doubt several near misses. The official accident statistics only reflect incidents that the police attended and I know that there were many more which went un-reported.

"However, that's in the past now and I'm confident that the roundabout will continue to keep motorists safe for many years to come."

The roundabout was one of the first major projects delivered by the new partnership of the City Council and Skanska working as Peterborough Highway Services.

The project was funded through the council's highways budget and additional funds were secured from the government's Integrated Transport Block scheme. 

Staniland Way roundabout
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