Students showcase work to mark European Local Democracy Week

Creative work carried out by students from Peterborough schools for European Local Democracy Week 2016 (ELDW) will be showcased at an event in the Town Hall.

The theme for this year's ELDW was 'Living Together in Culturally Diverse Societies: Respect, Dialogue, Interaction' and Peterborough City Council invited primary and secondary schools to take part.

Schools were asked to form a working group through their school council to plan and deliver events and activities which incorporate the ELDW theme.

Entries from Arthur Mellows Village College, The Fulbridge Academy and Southfields Primary School were selected for a judging event at the Town Hall. These entries demonstrated imagination in their projects by using music, dance, art and workshops.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor will choose the entry they think has best captured the ELDW theme and prizes will be presented today at 4pm.

The entries will be judged on how students interacted in the events, how well the event was documented and publicised, and how new technology and social media was used.

The Mayor of Peterborough, Councillor David Sanders, said: "The children of today are the voters of tomorrow and we wanted to encourage students to get involved in local democracy, learn more about the council and share their ideas with councillors.

“Understanding the value of democracy and the role it plays in our society is an important lesson for all our children, and this has been particularly evident in 2016 when looking at the European Union referendum and United States presidential election.

"I hope all the school children that participated in our competition enjoyed the experience and I look forward to seeing the entries.”

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