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Rough sleeper figures reduce in Peterborough

01 March 2023

The results of an annual Government rough sleeper count have shown that rough sleeping has reduced in the city.

National figure trends suggest that the number of rough sleepers across the country have increased by a quarter in the past year. However, Peterborough has seen a reduction of around a third in the city during this same time period.

In 2021, the number stood at 36, this reduced to just 24 in 2022.

Reasons for the reduction are listed as:

  1. Being successful for nearly £3m of Rough Sleeper Initiative Funding enabling increased outreach and support offered to rough sleepers.
  2. The establishment and longevity of the Safer Off the Streets charity, which means the cityhas pulled together for four years to reduce rough sleeping and aims to make it a thing of the past
  3. The £26,071.37 of funds so far since Safer Off the Streets started, raised by members of the public who have donated to the Safer Off the Streets charity.

A Safer Off the Streets spokesperson said: "We are pleased that the number of rough sleepers has dropped in the city this year. This has been our lowest figure for two years.

“Our whole city is pulling together to reduce rough sleeping and make it a thing of the past in Peterborough.

“However, our work has by no means finished and won’t be until we reach a point where no one feels they have to sleep rough in Peterborough. Sadly, the life expectancy of those sleeping rough is just 47, that’s why it’s our aim to get people off the streets for good and direct them towards, help, support and accommodation.”

You can help too in the following ways:

  • Report a rough sleeper viaStreetlinks
  • Donate to the Safer Off the Streets partnershipvia its website
  • Direct those who are sleeping on the streets to Peterborough’s multi-agency hub for the homeless – the Garden House.