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Rough sleeper outreach officers make an impact in Peterborough

17 May 2023

The city’s rough sleeper outreach officers work on our streets day and night finding and supporting rough sleepers. This month they have three success stories they want to share with residents.

The team find accommodation, stability, and employment for those in need – with very rewarding results. While they can’t always share the details behind the success stories of individuals they work with, they want to give residents a flavour of how rewarding the role is on a day-to-day basis.

Here a just a few stories to show what they’ve been doing over the past month:

Liam’s Story:

It's amazing to see the transformation in Liam's life since he was found rough sleeping on the streets.

He started working with the Rough Sleeper Outreach Team after two long years of sleeping rough and he has been placed in Temporary Accommodation a number of times. It was only recently that he decided that he was ready to start the next step in his own housing journey.

It's commendable how he has been so positive and has worked hard to make it happen. Now, Liam has been given the chance to move into a supported accommodation. We're sure that this new opportunity will help him change his life for the better.

Liam stood in a kitchen, looking at the camera
Liam in temporary accommodation

Lucas’s Story:

Lucas, a resilient rough sleeper who has faced homelessness for most of his life, is finally getting the support he needs. Thanks to the efforts of his rough sleeper officer, housing, health, and welfare officer, Lucas is now in temporary accommodation and receiving the care that will enable him to get back on his feet.

With the help of his support team, Lucas has successfully sorted out his benefits, allowing him to experience the joy of buying his own food and decorated his room with a cosy rug and bedding. The team has also worked hard to ensure that Lucas receives the appropriate mental health support and the wrap-around care that addresses both his physical and mental health.

Moreover, the team has been instrumental in empowering Lucas to reduce his street begging by providing him with guidance and support to pursue his interests in gardening and mechanics. The team is also supporting Lucas by helping him pursue his dreams of learning to read and write.

Finally, the team has encouraged Lucas to build positive relationships with his family members, acknowledging the negative effects of toxic relationships on his mental health. By providing him with the necessary resources and support, Lucas is now on the road to success and a better life.

Lucas and his rough sleeper officer stood inside a building looking at a camera
Lucas and his rough sleeper officer.

Gintaras’s Story:

Gintaras is a hard-working individual who has called the UK his home for the past eight years.

He is passionate about this country and has learned English to a proficient level, showcasing his dedication to living a fulfilling life in the UK.

However, last year proved to be a tough one for Gintaras. After losing his job, he spent his savings trying to keep up with his rental payments. When the money ran out, he found himself homeless and without the knowledge of the benefits he was entitled to, he lost his home. It was a devastating turn of events for someone who had worked so hard to make a life for himself in the UK.

Fortunately, our outreach officers discovered Gintaras living on the streets and immediately placed him in temporary accommodation. With the help of our dedicated team, Gintaras was able to secure the benefits he deserved, receive medical attention and eventually found a permanent home.

Now living in Sheltered accommodation, Gintaras is integrating well with the community and is thriving. The team is even enrolling him in an English course to further improve his communication skills.

Gintaras had this to say about the Rough Sleeper Outreach Team at Peterborough City Council, “I am very happy; I thank Nathan and the team for helping me through a hard time and now helping me to have the best time. Now everything is normal for me again and I am so happy”.

We are thrilled to have been able to help Gintaras get back on his feet and wish him all the best for the future. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and inspiring individual.

Gintaras giving a thumbs up to the camera while stood inside accommodation.
Gintaras in temporary accommodation.

Councillor Steve Allen, Cabinet Member for Communication, Culture and Communities, said: “It has taken an extraordinary effort from across the Outreach team to have helped so many on the path off the streets.

“The examples above are just some of the good news stories we’ve had within Peterborough, however we cannot become complacent. There are plenty of rough sleepers living across the city that still require our help, our time and our knowledge to get them into housing, work and on a road to success.”