Money matters

Joint commissioning

Joint commissioning is the way that we, the council, and partners including schools, colleges and health services work together provide services to support children and young people to achieve their potential.

Commissioning is the process of finding out what people need in order to achieve the best possible outcomes, and then finding out how best to provide services to meet those needs. Commissioning has to take place within the resources that are available, which means that it will not always be possible to commission services for all the needs that are identified, so a system of prioritisation is used. This process is called a ‘Needs Assessment’.

Commissioned services may be provided directly by schools, health services and/or ourselves, or they may be purchased from private companies and/or voluntary sector organisations, such as charities. Services that are commissioned in this way are reviewed regularly to make sure that they are delivering the best results and are providing value for money. Commissioners also regularly repeat the Needs Assessment process to make sure that services that are commissioned are still relevant to local needs.

Personal budgets

In some instances, children and young people who receive an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan will also have the option of take a personal budget. The local policy for Peterborough has been produced and can be viewed here. It provides information about the services across education, health and social care that a personal budget could be used for, how the funding arrangements will work and where people can access support to manage a personal budget. Decisions relating to the personal budget will be taken as part of the approval process of the EHC plan.

Personal budgets policy

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If you have disabilities you may be able to claim some money from the Government to pay for your housing or support. There are a number of places you can go for advice and information.

You can speak to a Disability Employment Adviser at your local Jobcentre Plus to see what benefits you are able to claim – you can find out more by calling them on 0345 604 3719.

The Benefits Enquiry Line can tell you what benefits you may be able to receive and give you general information – for new claims you can call free on 0800 055 6688.