Nationality Checking and Citizenship

Nationality Checking Service

In partnership with the Home Office, Peterborough register office offer a checking service to help people who want to apply for British Citizenship. We will: 

  • check that your application form has been fully and accurately completed
  • photocopy and certify your valuable identification documents, allowing you to keep the originals
  • send your application to the Home Office by secure special delivery.

Please note that the Nationality Checking Service is not a fast-track service.

The Nationality Checking Service can only check applications for citizenship - we cannot help with applications for settlement or with any other nationality or immigration enquiries.

Things to check

Please make sure that you have visited the Home Office website before making your appointment with us. This website contains essential guidance on the requirements for citizenship, contact details for the Home Office and a downloadable application form.

Before your appointment with the Nationality Checking Service, please ensure that you:

  • are eligible to apply for citizenship. If, during the appointment, it is discovered that you are not eligible, we will not be able to refund your appointment fee
  • bring all documents required by the Home Office to your appointment, as we need to see the originals and cannot accept photocopies
  • have a fully completed and up-to-date application form for each applicant, including children
  • bring a means to pay the Home Office fee, as this will be sent to the Home Office with your application. This fee can be paid by credit or debit card, or by cheque. We cannot accept cash. The Home Office fee is payable in addition to the fee for your Nationality Checking Service appointment
  • ensure all applicants aged 18 or over, or who are likely to turn 18 before their application reaches the Home Office, will attend in person at their appointment.

Unless you are exempt, you must have passed the Life in the UK test and also hold an acceptable language qualification. Before coming to your appointment, please ensure that you are able to meet these requirements. Detailed guidance can be found on the Home Office website.

Please be aware that your application may be rejected by the Home Office if you have come into the UK illegally, or have committed any other immigration offences, during the last 10 years. 

After the Home Office receives your application, they will contact you and ask you to register your biometric details. This applies to all applicants, even if you have already provided biometric information, and must be done in person. The Home Office will give you 15 days to do this, and failure to do so could lead to your application being rejected and the fee lost.  Please bear this in mind if you are planning to travel after applying.

If, during your appointment, it becomes apparent that your application is incomplete in any way, we will not be able to hold your application while you take steps to correct it. If you would like to return to us with the missing documents or information, you will need to book a new appointment and pay a new fee for it.


These are the fees for the Nationality Checking Service only, which you will need to pay when you book your appointment. You will also need to pay a fee to the Home Office which will be sent with your application. Details of the Home Office fees can be found on their website.

Type of application Fee (inclusive of VAT) valid to 31 March 2017
Single adult application £85 Monday to Friday
Joint adult application (husband and wife living together) OR 1 parent and 1 minor applying at the same time £110 Monday to Friday
Joint adult application (husband and wife living together) and up to 4 minors applying at same time OR 1 parent and up to 5 minors applying at same time £160 Monday to Friday
Single minor application (with no adults) £85 Monday to Friday
Additional minors (price per minor) £20 Monday to Friday

Making an appointment

If you want to book an appointment with the Nationality Checking Service please contact Peterborough register office on 01733 864646. 

Moving your appointment

If you would like to move your appointment please contact us at least two working days before the original appointment date. Please note that we cannot move your appointment more than once without  a new appointment fee becoming payable.

Cancellation policy

You have a right to cancel your appointment and obtain a refund of the appointment fee provided that you contact us in writing at Peterborough register office within seven working days of receiving our customer care letter. This letter is sent to you when your appointment booking is processed.

Citizenship ceremonies

The final requirement for anyone who becomes a new British citizen is to attend a citizenship ceremony.  This ceremony marks the end of a long journey for people from many parts of the world and is both a celebration of their new status as British citizens and a warm welcome from the local community. In Peterborough, these ceremonies are organised by Peterborough Register Office.

When the Home Office approves your application for British citizenship, they will invite you to contact us and book onto a ceremony. The ceremony date that you chose must be within three months of the Home Office approval date. Most citizens will attend a public ceremony, usually held at Peterborough Town Hall. The cost of this is included in the fee paid to the Home Office when you applied for citizenship. Alternatively, some new citizens choose a smaller private ceremony at Peterborough Register Office, for an additional fee. Details of both types of ceremony are given below.

New citizens who are less than 18 years old do not have to come to a ceremony as their certificates can be collected by their parents, although they are welcome to attend if they would like to.

Public ceremonies

If you choose a public ceremony, you will be granted British citizenship alongside a group of other new citizens.  We aim to make this a memorable event, in recognition of the importance of the occasion.  The ceremony will be lead by the Superintendent of Peterborough Register Office and will also be attended by the Mayor of Peterborough and other local dignitaries. As a group, you will all be asked to give a pledge of allegiance to the Queen, invited to join us in singing the British national anthem and the Mayor will present you with your naturalisation certificate. A photographer will also be in attendance to capture the presentation of the certificate. 

After the ceremony the new citizens and their guests are invited to join the Mayor, the dignitaries and the Superintendent for refreshments. At this point you will have the opportunity meet the photographer and order a photograph of the certificate presentation should you wish to buy one. Unfortunately, space restrictions mean that only one guest can be brought to the ceremony.

Private ceremonies

If you would prefer not to attend one of the public ceremonies, it is possible to arrange a private ceremony at Peterborough Register Office. These are held on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Family members and friends are welcome to join you as guests. The Mayor, dignitaries and photographer will not be present, and we are unable to provide refreshments; however the ceremony is otherwise very similar to the larger public ceremonies, and is an equally special occasion.

The fee for a citizenship ceremony at Peterborough register office is:

Citizenship ceremonies held:Monday to Friday
Up to 31 March 2017 £165
1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 £170

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Nationality Checking Service or citizenship ceremonies please contact Peterborough Register Office.